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Catastrophe television series, Sharon Horgan is great!!!!

Sharon Horgan is the creator and main protagonist of television series Catastrophe. Her performance is superb, overlaid with talent and her writing skills are good similarly because she has created likewise other interesting television series.

Catastrophe is really well written, it contains some moments of a great quality and has a very clever humour. Secondary characters are also very attractive. The creator has not enlarged the series too much (four seasons) and every chapter lasts less than 30 minutes.

Consequently, Catastrophe does not bore you. All the adventures are extremely funny and we are able to see a London version that is more real than the one that appears on other kinds of productions which show an exclusive view only available for rich people.

Catastrophe television series is a great choice. The female protagonist is an Irish teacher and the male protagonist an American from Boston who start an unexpected relationship that changes their lives forever with London as main witness.

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Written by Halcombe Norilsk

I have published 4 books, 3 in Spanish ("Ser un Tusitala", "El verano de Natalie Davis", "El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis") and one in English that was published in the United States ("The adventures of Halcombe Norilsk and other gripping tales"). Writing is my passion.


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