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Care to Guess ~ Wacky Wednesday

Sharing this photo with my Wacky Wednesday challenge. I think it fits the challenge because these birds are driving me wacky!

This time of the year is when the Bluebirds arrive in my backyard. Suppose to be a happy time, right? Wrong. This year the ratbirds (sparrows) are taking over and they are literally driving me crazy. They continue building and the bluebirds will not build in a dirty house. I go out and clean the nests out several times a day.

I am trying very hard not to give up and allow the ratbirds to win. There should be baby bluebirds by this time of the year. But I will continue clean up and using my bb gun after these predators as long as possible to allow the bluebirds to raise their family. The bb gun only scares them away, they always come back.

This happens each year as many of you may recall. But this year the ratbirds are more persistent. I will help the bluebirds even if it means buying a trap for these ratbirds. These birds will kill the bluebirds, their eggs, and their babies. It has happened and I will not allow it to happen again. Even if it means no bluebirds this year.

Wish me luck. I will reveal the answer to the question later.


  • Can you guess what is in this photo?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Rat Nest Material
    • Spider Web


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. What I see is part of a network of roots of young trees or weeds. But it is not possible to use the flower placed on this flower. I hope you keep the blue birds from those attackers who worry you every year.

  2. I think it looks like a net to maybe stop the ratbirds. Poor bluejays… but bluejays are big enough they should be able to defend themselves and their nests… Sorry about my ignorance but I know very little about birds in general although I like most of them except maybe the ” carouge à épaulettes ” like we call them here. They are jet black birds with a band of either bright red or orange on their feathers. These birds make the most awful ” tapageur ” noise that sometimes they drive me crazy especially when there is a flock of them flying together.

    • Nope, it was placed there by the ratbirds for nesting material. The lilac bush is beside the bird house. It its just amazing what they find to stuff inside the house. It is the bluebirds that are in danger. But I will continue helping them as i do each year. Yes oyu are describing red winged blackbirds, they are beautiful birds. Yes, all of the blackbirds and crows make too much noise in flocks. I have an app for that, ha! I have a wooden paddle-like thing that I shake and it makes a loud noise, to scare off the blackbirds.


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