JUNGFRAU, SWITZERLAND - AUGUST 21: Cable car with tourists in swiss Alps on August 21, 2011.

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Cable and Gondola rides – a great experience

A cable car or gondola as it is also called is used to reach heights or to get from one height to another.

Cable cars come in different sizes. Some are 2 seaters, 4 seaters and the larger ones have more than 6 seats. The huge circular  gondola that took us to Jung frau had quite a number

My first cable car ride was in Gulmarg, Kashmir where we had to cross a gorge to reach to another place. The gorge was frightening and since this cable car was automatic in that it arrived and restarted whether one got in or not we had to be quick to get in and quick to get out. I did not look down as I was sure I would get vertigo.

The cable car ride in Switzerland was to reach a railway station high up for our onward travel to Jung frau. The tapering sound of the bells tied round cows that were grazing down still rings in my ear.

Once we reached Jungfrau railway station we got into a huge gondola that accommodated many of us. It provided us with a panoramic view as we went up the Alps to reach the top of Jungfrau.

The Skyrail experience in Cairns, Australia was incomparable. There the glass floor car gave us an opportunity to look down. We were above tree level in this rain forest

The experience at the Sentosa Island, Singapore was different in that we had to cross the sea. That ‘what if’ fear gets you till one reaches And that is what I too felt while looking at that huge mass of water.

Having experienced several cable car and gondola rides I no longer feel challenged and I just look forward to such rides.

I am not sure when and where the next ride would be but I know I can face the challenges without batting an eye lid

Image Credit:https://www.123rf.com/photo_102535283_jungfrau-switzerland-august-21-cable-car-with-tourists-in-swiss-alps-on-august-21-2011-.html


Image Credit:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SG-sentosa-cable-car.jpg

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