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Burning Trees

Watching the sunrise from among the trees is a wonderful experience for city dwellers like me. A hot cup of coffee in my hands, lazing on a swing hanging from a branch in front of our tent , I was enjoying this sunrise a few years ago around this time.

The boys were annoyed with the creepy crawlies that entered our tent at night and were are not awake yet to run around and make noise. It was just the chirping of birds and the mild hissing of the wind blowing through the trees.

There were clumps of bamboo trees there. The music from the wind blowing through the bamboo clumps is so different from the others. The sound is deep and resonates through the forest. The sights and the sounds of the morning are so refreshing and peaceful. It just puts you in the perfect mood to take on the day.  The birds and the butterflies were flitting around singing their new song of the day.

It was a perfect morning!!

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    • That may have been our last camping experience together I guess, The boys will be go to the university and we may find it difficult ton get together as a family for a road trip like that.

  1. Now, I realize you are good in feature writing or is this a type of descriptive writing? Yes, I am a morning person but I don’t want to stay in a tent. I want to wake in a place overlooking a body of water such as the sea or pool. Then I will open the sliding glass door and would spend some time sitting on the balcony sipping my cup of coffee.

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