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Buds In Tree Holes ~ Macro Monday

I began to remember all the challenges from day to day that had been initiated by several friends here, as well as the challenges for today, Macro Monday. I am fortunate to have several photo stocks to share through this challenge.

For today’s Macro Monday, I share another picture from my father’s cemetery, a hole in a tree and a plant shoot that has grown in it.

I do not know what shoots it is but it is very interesting for me because I have imagined what it would be like if the shoots grew big, and certainly it was not a type of banyan which after enlarging could sink some of the trees it was sitting on.

  • Can you guess the diameter of the leaves from the buds?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Very brown and green color splashes compared to here, as it will be covered in snow soon because they predict 15 to 20 centimeters of the white stuff. I cannot wait to see that, although you probably would not enjoy it as it is also very cold with predictions of -15 degrees centigrade for overnight. But for me this is heaven time just as for you green must be heaven for you. BTW, sorry to ask again but how is little Blue doing even though he must not be so little anymore?

    • Yes, because we don’t have snow here, then the color green and brown continues for always.

      15 degrees Celsius means 1 degree below the minimum AC temperature in my house, yes it’s cold! Especially if it’s below that! So, as you have said, we have our own heaven.

      Blue has been experiencing diarrhea for two days, but he remains active and “naughty”. He always annoys Susie, her adoptive mother who a few days ago gave birth to several babies. But Susie seems to love Blue a lot. The last time I posted Blue here two weeks ago coincided with three months he became part of our family.


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