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Blaming others for our choices

Life can only be enjoyed by refusing the accusations. No, if you are currently in court, do not take away the documents. I’m not about it. I’m about the “guilty environment” and that crazy habit of blaming others for everything we have, don’t have, what we feel or don’t feel.

Everything where we are and how we feel is the sum of our previous choices. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions, our feelings, our fears. Nobody decides anything for us, no one forced us to sign up for university entry, no one forcibly recruited for any work position or forced us to marry.

When I was discussing it with my friends, I said, if the gun had been added to the incense and said, “You’re going there or you’re going to die,” then there’s no choice. Yes, buddy replied – you could choose death in that case.

We always make choices and we always make decisions. By blaming others for the shit we are in now, we deprive ourselves of the power to pull ourselves out of it. 

Being open with yourself is a challenge. Taking responsibility is an even bigger affair. But we’re big, aren’t we?

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  • It is we who make choices and decisions in our life, not others. Agree?

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