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I think you all have experienced the problem with Virily today. I was not able to access it for a couple of hours. It is back now and I am posting it to know why and what exactly happened here.

It seems like a technical breakdown or maintenance but the concern that was there any notification regarding it. Was anyone aware of this activity?  This was like a blackout and a reason to worry.

It is a type of inconsistent, sometimes you think it is all good and the next day this blackout or some other issue. Do you think it is a matter of concern?

  • Are you aware about the blackout of today?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by Giri


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  1. You must be referring to the temporary shutdown of the Site two days ago. It is all back now but you may have noticed they have made some changes such as one does not earn virils for viewing posts of others.


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