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Birthday story ~ Alphabet Crazy

Well, this is the last post for the alphabet B for the Alphabet Crazy Challenge. I just feel like writing this after looking at the pictures, especially writing the post about Birthday Ring.

I do not know who invented this birthday story, I read about the birthday story after I learned about Waldorf Education. It’s usually called Rainbow Bridge Birthday Story. This is the very simple version: A little angel was waiting to come down to the Earth and join his family (that’s when the mother was pregnant). When the time arrived, the Mother Angel held his hand and walked across the Rainbow Bridge, then came down to the Earth. The little angel came down to Earth, and he became the little baby being held in his parents’ hands.

I made the table puppets shown in the picture for my eldest son’s five years old birthday. At that time, my daughter was already born. Hence I made four of us in the family and the Mother Angel. So I can use the table puppets when telling the birthday story.

It’s a sweet and lovely story. Hence I just told my children this birthday story, and always expand the other stories from here. If you are interested, you can search for “Waldorf Birthday Story” online and you’ll find the more detailed story.


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  1. Birthdays are usually made for children they get a cake baked for them and invite friends around. Everyone has fun and the Birthday child receives presents.
    As an adult, most here don’t celebrate their birthday this way. You may get a card and a good wish. It is a day I hope to weather through and forget.

    • Thanks, but I didn’t invented the story and the puppets. 😛
      It’s also different from how we usually celebrate our birthday in my country too. We usually have the birthday cake too, or just have a meal together as a family, or perhaps with friends.

    • Thanks, but not really. 😀
      I always thought I can’t do handwork until my children were born and I wanted to teach them handwork when they are older, and that’s why I started to learn and make these toys for them. My handwork is still not neat, but that’s me. 😛