MonkeyPox Disease

While the world is recovering from a virus disease, COVID-19, that has claimed millions of lives, another disease has slithed its way from endemic countries to non-endemic countries. And this, has got people fearing for a variety of reasons. Another lockdown, loss of jobs, impact on the economy (which have been made worse by COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine War), and the increases rate of infection and death from the disease, Monkeypox.

It isn’t a new disease as it was discovered in the 1950s. However, the worrying thing is how the disease got its way to countries that are not prone to outbreak of the disease. There is no travel link that has been established to ascertain an individual was infected in one of the endemic countries they visited, and as a result, infected (unknowingly) other people in their home country. 

The disease isn’t deadly like Ebola, however, we shouldn’t treat it lightly like we did with COVID-19. If not monitored properly, worldwide, and the public not educated on to prevent getting the disease, more lives will be lost to the disease. 

  • Do you think Monkeypox can get out of control, and infect thousands of people?

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Written by Benny

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