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Turn the button of selfishness off

You know what I don’t understand? People who find it most difficult to sit at home during this period. What to do??? How not to become crazy with those kids? Since when is home not the place to feel good and family members the people we want to be with?

In this period when the whole world has turned upside down, older people are afraid for their lives, doctors are going through the toughest times ever, businesses are stalling, millions of people are losing some or all of their income … somebody complains … they have nothing to do, it is boring…

I’ll tell you what to do – sit at home and thank all the gods for giving you that opportunity, kiss your child, pray for grandma instead of turning your head on what book to read and what to watch on Netflix. Our domestic difficulties are now only flowers compared to what certain groups of people are experiencing and what “mountains” they are now overthrowing…

We have to turn the button of selfishness off and think about the weak points, how the medical staff sacrifices that, I believe, would prefer to be with  their families during lockdown.

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