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Be Mindful When Drinking Tea

I was absolutely blown away by this Chinese motto on a gold edged porcelain tea-strainer, my friend bought us in Beijing when he returned from a business trip a few days ago. 

There is the message in Mandarin, naturally, but there is also an English translation which I thought was absolutely appropriate for these busy times we are all living in. Here, is the English translation, 

“Taking a mindful tea break is a powerful way to stop the racing mind and come to the present moment. Make a tea and as you drink it bring your attention fully to the experience by tuning into your senses. 

Feel the warmth of the cup in your hands, taste the tea with each sip, notice the sounds around you. When you feel your mind wandering, let go of thoughts and come back to the sensation of the warmth of the teacup against the skin of  your hands.”

  • Isn’t that a great way to get back to our senses?

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  1. I am a Chinese, and I have been drinking Chinese tea in the small tea pot and tea cups with my grandfather and father since I was young. I do not only enjoy drinking the tea, but also enjoy spending time with my family while drinking tea. It seems like it’s one of the cultures of holding the family together.

    • Hello Kaka135, this is amazing information you have shared here. I believe all humans can identify with what you are saying above. And I can see that the sharing of tea together, is really an opportunity the creator has given us to appreciate family values and being together. Warm regards, Andre’

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