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Forty days of lockdown

Forty days – so many Italian sailors had to be quarantined on their ships when they arrived in port cities so as not to infect the locals. In those days, the flow of time was much slower… People had enough patient, they waited … All those days locked at home, I tried to be open, to dig deep into my soul, to be brave.

The work will be alive, interesting, sensitive only if we write the truth. The writer must reveal the truth. That is our purpose. I always like to provoke people, to provoke a situation because a creative person cannot be otherwise. In writing our inner truth, we are much bolder than those who sail along with the mainstream. Virily is a very good tool for such openness experiments. 

I read the posts of other writers about the lockdown time. I see interesting reflections and descriptions of the everyday scenes of the lockdown absurdity. However, no matter how fun it is to read, those texts often lack depth. Maybe that’s the consequence of fast writing? To reach the depths, you have to dive into the water and descend to the bottom of the turbidity. And it needs to be done in your soul to be reflected in creation.

 In some sense, we are experiencing the end of the world as it meant to be. I mean, after this pandemic, the world will no longer be what it used to be, it can’t be the same. The pandemic itself is a natural challenge for humanity, forcing it to change and to change rapidly. Nature will not stand still and will not wait for us to realize that we need to start living differently.

Surprisingly, with all the scientists’ data on the effects of global warming on the planet, we lived as we lived, maybe even secretly thinking: anyway, a natural disaster will not happen now, may fifty or more years later, I will no longer be on earth. No matter what happens after me! Weren’t we inclined to think so?

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