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Archaeological remains of Roman times

Here at home, we are fans of cultural programs, last year we visited the Roman ruins in Tróia, Portugal.

The ruins were a former industrial salting center of the Roman Empire, occupied until the 19th century. We walked around for a long time, watching and trying to explain to our children what was around.

Everything is very well arranged, there are walkways all around and explanatory signs that allow us to better understand what we are seeing. The ride is not long, but it should be done calmly.

In the end, there is a sandbox, with some hidden objects, for the kids to pretend to be archaeologists. In the end, we still see a dig that is (still) underway. Children are able to see how everything works, which is, for me, a fantastic and very enriching experience, a true learning experience.

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  1. It’s always sad to know the ruins of historical buildings or cultures. It’s good that there are explanatory signs, those signs really help us to understand better, especially explaining it to our kids. 🙂