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Am I Looking at this Backwards?

It’s a valid question. I often get a little twisted, sidetracked and sometimes even derail. It seems like we focus a lot on what were are doing. We are only as good as the site. If the site is profitable then it trickles right on down. Now, this post, for example, might be helpful for us right here, but does it bring any of those outside views that are very important for the site? Well, not unless I can add some twists and turns that make it relevant to others and give them a reason to be here. 

We don’t get direct payment from these outside views, and these outside views keep the site alive. So it’s time to reach out and find new and different ways to bring them here. 

Rex Trulove is an amazing writer and covers many topics. He is a great example of writing about things that others might be looking to learn or hear about. You will see that he covers many topics. He is very accurate and knowledgeable. He writes about many topics and you can always learn something new.  So what does that have to do with the rest of us? 

Well, there are a few things. We could look at the length of his posts and the keywords he uses. Perhaps it would be worth my while to share many of Rex’s posts to increase the views here. Any views here are bound to help us all. So I need to learn what words to use in those tweets to reach the people who would appreciate those posts. (If I am thinking clearly.)

Perhaps there is someone who is great with social media that could write a post that would help us all help the site.   I can clearly see what needs to be done. I do not have the knowledge and skills to do it. I believe that some people here might have those skills. 

Someone asked if their virily posts were something they talked about on their youtube channel. Humm. Hadn’t thought about that. It that something that mixes and matches. I don’t know!

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    Anyone here have some great ideas and insight to share?

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    • No
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    Am I on the right track or have I derailed?

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    • No


What do you think?

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  1. So Virily uses Google Adsense, that is how they get paid.

    The simple reality if you really want to drive more views is to increase the SEO of posts. SEO or spelled out Search Engine Optimization basically puts the magic search words in posts.

    long posts normally do not do well.

    We are at a junction point for the site now. Many don’t share because they are not directly compensated for that share.

    Many share because that is the right thing to do.

    Comments are a much bigger impact on a post than views are. We don’t get as you said directly compensated for external views.

  2. You are on the right track as far as mentioning Rex is concerned. I have “known” Rex for a number of years, having first come across him (more than 10 years ago?) on a long-dead site known as Helium. I was a subject editor on that site, and Rex was an editor at a slightly higher level.

    The point about editing is important, because the ethos of Helium was to emphasise quality. Posts could only be written on topics that were suggested by the site, and the editors were partly responsible for suggesting the topics. They were also able to vet the contributions and refer any really poor ones to the Admin people for deletion. The editors corresponded with the writers and suggested improvements.

    In other words, Rex and I come from a tradition of contributing quality-focussed factual articles that tried to provide useful information. The site was always trying to improve the quality because that was where its income came from – being attractive to advertisers due to having a large readership. This is turn came from being noticed by search engines such as Google and referred to in a high position when the appropriate search terms were entered.

    In the end, Helium failed, but i don’t think it was lack of quality that caused its demise. Other sites with a similar philosophy have survived, most notably HubPages which still appears to be thriving.

    I am not suggesting that Virily should try to turn itself into Helium or HubPages – it is a very different animal. However, it does have room for quality content, and it is writers like Rex who can contribute that content and should be encouraged so to do.

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