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January 27 Goals ~ Accountability

Mondays can feel like a fresh new start. I want this Monday to be a fresh new start. Today I need to focus on personal responsibility. I am the one who has to make decisions and create positive actions that need to be taken. No one can do that for me. People can offer suggestions and ideas. The actions must be mine. I am going to “Embrace Monday”!

There was some success with Monday. I approached the day with more enthusiasm and less dread. I reminded myself all day that I own my attitude. I am the only one that can control them. 

It wasn’t a perfect day and it was a step in the right direction.

January 28 Goals ~ Accountability

Help my sister deal with the “things” from the house.

Get the laundry table cleared

Do Bro’s laundry

Be kind to a stranger

It was a successful day. I have learned to adjust and not go for a perfect day, but a few perfect moments. We pulled a stranger out of the ditch. Bro’s laundry is done. The laundry table is cleared. It was not perfect and still successful.

Wednesday, January 29th ~ Goals ~ Accountability

It is going to be a busy day. There is much to be done at the house. The clothing drive has started and they would like items submitted by this evening. That means laundry all day long and pack items. (Sounds fun right!) 

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