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Have you easily found your niche in life?

I think the hardest part is believing in yourself. This is the hardest thing for me. Appreciate our own works, respect them. Dare to test ourselves in new activities and situations because we never seem to be properly prepared for anyone.

It’s very hard to discover your place, your niche. It seems to me that young people could be more active – both in speaking on political and social issues, but also in creating their own organizations, projects, and ideas.

The most important thing is not to become clones of the older generation and to pull out their future goals from the thoughts and behavior of elderly. Their future must be created only by their wishes.

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  • Have you easily found your niche in life?

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  1. I have my days, but what gets me through them is reminding myself that I will not feel like this tomorrow or the following day. Some days I can feel like I can accomplish anything, but that one particular day I will feel worthless.

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