E Book Writing Review, How They Help You As A Product Marketer.

Even if you don’t manage to write a bestseller—and not every author actually will, writing an ebook, is still good news for your writing career.

I’m an online blogger by trade. That means most of my earnings come from sales through my blog-posts. Before I actually earn anything, readers want to be sure I know enough about what I’m  writing.  They want proof that what I am writing about works well. My ebooks are one of the ways I show potential clients that I know a lot about the topic I’m telling them about.

So, your ebooks contain free tips and ideas to instill confidence, as such it is also  a powerful marketing tool to connect with potential clients. Just offer a free copy of your ebook to anyone who signs up to your email newsletter. This is a fantastic way to grow your most valuable asset, your email list. People will sign up because they want a FREE copy of your ebook. The more people you have on your email list, the more potential clients you’ll connect with.

Steve Slaunwhite, author of The Wealthy Freelancer, calls this free ebook you give to email subscribers your buzz piece, it keeps the information about your product buzzing and alive in their minds.

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