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Alphabet Crazy Challenge: C for Coffee

I am a coffee addict. It’s one thing that I can’t live without.

My addiction started when I entered college. That time, I need to stay up late and coffee help me to stay awake. Besides that, I feel that by drinking coffee I am more focused and able to finish my tasks faster. Since then, every time I’m working on something a cup of coffee always ready on my desk.

This habit continues until I work. In one day, I can drink three to four cups of coffee. Not only when I’m working on something, but I also drinking coffee when hanging out with my friends. I like black coffee but my favorite is Hazelnut Latte. My least favorite is the frappe because I feel that the cream overpowers the taste of the coffee.

How about you? What’s is your favorite flavor?

If any of you interested to join this challenge, you can check alibb’s original post here.

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  • Are you a Coffee Person or Tea Person?

    • I’m a Coffee Person
    • I’m a Tea Person
    • Not fan of both


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