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Alphabet Challenge: Tigers

They are one of the most feared animals in the wild. They are apex predators (super predators) because they are at the top of the food chain.

They are very aggressive and strong that they can kill an animal twice its size. Their prey range from wild boar to buffalo and dear. They are known not to waste food when they are satisfied. They usually drag the remains of their kills to a thicket where they cover the remains with leaves.

Considering how strong their bone structure is and their bodies containing over 600 muscles, it’s easy to see how these animals are among the few apex predators in the wild.

Unlike other cats, tigers are good swimmers. You will notice them cooling off in streams and lakes during hot days.

They hunt during the day and are solitary animals. They socialize during mating and in distribution of food and in rare cases sleep at one’s territory.

After mating, the tigress is left with the job of taking care of her young ones. At around six months, the Cubs are taught how to hunt. At eleven months, they are skilled hunters. At around eighteen months, they are mature to be independent from their mothers. The cubs usually stay with their mothers from 2-3 years.

The females reach maturity at an early age at 3-4 years than males at 4-5 years.

Tigers are endangered species. Some breeds of tigers are severely endangered. Three species of tigers are extinct: Bali, Caspian and Javan tigers.

The living species of tigers are: Malayan, Bengal, Indochinese, Sumantran, Amur and South China tigers.

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  1. I just love any type of wild cats, especially the tigers or “tigres” in French. They are superb animals not to be rivaled by any of the other big cats. Just like me le tigre is a solitary animal. Maybe that is why I love cats of all kinds as they are independent creatures…

    • That might be the reason. Since you’re reserved you’re inclined to have a liking to cats both domestic and wild. Same to me. Sometimes cats mind you and at other times they want to be alone. I can relate to that.


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