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Allium Flower (and visitor) ~ Macro Monday

Here’s a photo for the Macro Monday challenge, which I took a week ago. There’s a little white spider in the allium flower, and when I first looked I thought it was just a white petal from another plant, so I tried to brush it away before taking the shot. Then I realised what it was!

I used to suffer from arachnophobia, which I think my mother passed on to me. I’ve become less stressed with spiders over the years, but I still really can’t cope with big ones. Luckily this was just a little fella! Hope you enjoy the photo from my garden 🙂

  • Are you scared of spiders at all?

    • Yes I find spiders really scary
    • No I don’t find spiders scary at all
    • It depends on the size!


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  1. Great shot pal!

    Spiders, snakes, and other creatures do not normally bother me. I grew up with a biologist so the world was a learning opportunity (most of which I’ve forgotten who cares what the Latin name for a decorative beetle is anyway 🙂 ?)

    Plus we were outdoors for many hours at a time. My dad taught me about what snakes did and what they ultimately meant to the environment.

    He loved spiders, so I continue that!


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