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All Colors ~ Thursday Reflections

In addition to experimental photos, I think it’s good if I occasionally place a photo of natural reflection. Indeed this is not a new photo, but I really like the rich colors of the photo.

After I pay close attention, I am sure that all colors are present there.

  • Can you name one or several colors that aren’t there?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Well the scientist in me would say all colors are always present, they aren’t visible due to a lack of energy applied tot he spectrum but they are there.

    On the other side, Albert I would if I may reflect upon the water. It shows us great peace on the surface but under there is the struggle. Nice picture my friend!

  2. I also did not see yellow and orange at the first moment. But your comprehensive answers to my comments have given direction where they are. This photo is proof that you are not just a writer. You are also a photographer who can capture beauty with precision.

  3. Beautiful serene looking area where we can rest our weary bones and relax. I think most colours are there, even a touch of orange and yellow but there is one color missing and that is the dazzling white of snow. Yes there is a bit of white in the background and in the sky but it is not pure white. Sorry Albert I could not help myself. Here we had a snowstorm two days ago and now it is bitterly cold with – 13 degrees centigrade going down as low as -20 with the windchill factor. But I do not mind the cold too much. It is crisp and great to breathe cool clean air compared to summer smog. BTW where was the picture taken?

    • The place is indeed one of the tourist areas in Bandung, the capital of West Java Province. The distance from Jakarta, where I live about 175 km or about 109 miles.

      I agree that there is no snow white in the picture because there really isn’t snow there… hehehe…

      Snowstorm? Sounds really tremendous, unfortunately, I can’t imagine it more than what I ever saw in the movie. I am glad that you are fine with the situation, also with the reality that you like your heaven.

    • Thank you for watching this picture carefully, Carol. I agree that yellow and orange are not visible, or are less visible there. If you notice something under a bunch of pine trees there, a quarter of the photo on the left, slightly above the water, there is a yellow circle, it is somekind of a sign board. Orange is in a plant that is dominated by red, both on the left and right on the image. The plant is actually a combination of green, red, maroon, brownish, and orange. Indeed, yellow and orange are very minimum in this picture.

      One thing I don’t like about the landscape position image here is that the image is getting smaller. That’s why I almost always post with pictures in portrait position.