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Abnormal ~ Color crazy – Sepia week

I took this picture in early December last year when I stopped at a traffic light, about a hundred meters before the entrance road to my mother’s house. At that time the traffic was still “normal”, which meant it was so jammed. Now the road has become “abnormal” because it is so deserted as are other roads everywhere in the world.

I think, however, this is like a miracle when a creature so subtle can eliminate all interests that previously could not be stopped by anything and anyone.

Apart from all the losses, both mental and material, maybe it’s good if we can also find or see the other side; various advantages behind the current pandemic crisis so that we still have a broad balance and perspective.

  • Have you found any positive meaning or impact behind this pandemic?

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  1. The fact that nature breathes now more peacefully without the need for aspiration is the greatest positive impact of this pandemic. Before that, she was suffocating.Hopefully for positive changes in the future. For one in a united world and cleaner.

  2. In this period when factories have stopped, airplanes no longer fly, cars are sitting in parking lots, cruise ships no longer circulate and people are staying at home, NATURE has a moment to breathe. This is a very positive thing!

    Did you ride the motorcycle when you took the picture?🙂 Just curious!

    • You are absolutely right, Ileana, even though that doesn’t mean nature is healthier when humans are sicker… Maybe this is the time humans need to understand alignment.

      If you look at the lower-left corner of the picture above, it is the door trim of the car door, for I took the picture from behind the window’s glass pane.

  3. How nice is this photo in sepia Albert. It creates a mood. I have been trying to stay hopeful during this lockdown. I hope others will be nicer and appreciate things and people when this is over. Take care.


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