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A timer is useful

I think a timer is really useful in our home. Nowadays with the smart phone we are using, it usually comes with the timer feature. Some phones even allow us to set multiple timers. I used to think it’s sufficient to use the timer feature in my smart phone, hence I didn’t buy a physical timer even though I wanted to. I found that it’s not so convenient to set the timer in my phone as the volume may be lower and if I want to set a timer for my young kids, handing my phone over to them is not a good idea. Finally, I bought a physical timer which only cost around USD$1.50 and it’s still working fine after about a year.

There are only three buttons and it didn’t come with any user manual, hence I just knew how to use the simple and straightforward function of each button, but there is no “reset” button. I am glad my eldest son explored more and found out there are actually ways to reset the time.

Do you always use timer?

Picture was taken by me – it’s my physical timer.

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  • Do you have a physical timer or just use the timer feature in your phone?

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