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Let’s cheer for our achievements – 2019-03-08

I think all of us have always achieved something everyday. Some might be little achievements, some are big ones. It can be meditating for 5 minutes or practicing yoga for 10 minutes in the morning, starting conversation with a stranger, not getting angry or yelling at the kids for a week, completing a project at work or closing a deal with a customer. It’s always nice to share our achievements with others, so we can share the joy.

I have been working on a website design project. The first version of demo website has been uploaded and shown to the potential customer, but he didn’t confirm the project until a few days ago. He sent me some updates to the website content, and I finally completed the changes and uploaded the second version. Now, I am waiting for the customer to feedback and see if he has any other changes needed to be made. Otherwise, the project is considered completed and I can wait for my payment. I am happy with my achievement today and I can be relax for a while now.

What have you achieved today? Let’s share your achievements and cheer for it together!

I try to write about my achievement everyday, if possible. You are welcomed to join me and write about your achievement too! #CheerForAchievements

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