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A reason why you should envy the Italians (sarcasm alert)

Yes, that was a sarcastic title and the least I could do was to add a warning.


Brief explanation of the current political situation (you can skip this)

Like in most countries, Italy has a Prime Minister.

Yes, you wish! We have three PMs, to be fair.

This happens because the last electoral law made it almost impossible for a party to reach the majority of votes required to lead. The two winning parties had to create coalition and signed a contract with basic guidelines to follow.

An external man was chosen to be the neutral Prime Minister: Giuseppe Conte.

While he is officially the only Prime Minister, many think of him as a puppet of the two other ministers (the leaders of the winning parties).

The leader of the Five Star Movement is Luigi Di Maio, the leader of the Northern League is Matteo Salvini. We’re going to focus on the latter.


The Matteo Salvini’s contest: Win Salvini (Vinci Salvini)

Let’s start with what you get, if you win, in this competition.

– A photo of you and Salvini will be published on his social media profiles.

Of course, it’s an edited picture. You won’t meet him just for a photo.

– A phone call with Salvini.

If you win the weekly contest, you’ll have a coffee with the Demiurge: you will shake hands and he’ll make a video with you he’ll share on his social media profiles.

What? Did you expect money? Come on, money is the root of all evil. Our Matthew is a good dude. He even swore on the Book of the Gospels during his campaign.


Are you interested? I’m not, but let me tell you what the contest is about.

You have to like the highest amount of content our idol publishes, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (where you gotta retweet as well). You have to be one of the first followers to like his content. Yes, that’s all.


Does it sound like fun? Maybe, but remember he’s a Prime Minister.

Would you imagine Donald Trump doing anything like that?

Many voters criticized this competition, reasonably.

  • Question of

    Do you approve this contest?

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    • No
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    Would you join, if you had a similar chance?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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    • Yes, I don’t think the “intention” was to get hated by his own voters, but that’s what eventually happened. πŸ˜…
      I guess it was more about luring young people into following his pages in exchange of some fame, or boost his social media interactions.

    • I think the contest was made to lure the youth into politics. It’s a strategy influencers use to get more followers, but the giveaways are “better” in those cases. πŸ˜„
      It doesn’t look like he has sponsors, but it could be.
      I guess it was a way to increase his social media activity, and he succeeded as he got more insults than usual. 😌

    • He’s someone who got tired of working in his office (internal affairs ministry), he only had 17 full days in his office since the beginning of this year. πŸ˜…
      He’s busy going to meetings in squares, greeting and taking selfies with the people.
      Thanks for the interest. πŸ™‚

      • you’re probably thinking of a demagogue then. the demiurge is the force that created everything, and while it absolutely could be a prime minister, that’s a serious pay cut

        it would be like Charlemagne becoming a janitor…

          • a politician should be popular because of their policies. the fact that the people are so backward as to let popular people decide policies shows the failure of democracy

            it is becoming increasingly clear that letting any chucklehead vote is also a threat to democracy

    • I wonder who thought it was a good idea to approve an electoral law like that, they knew no party would have reached the majority (40% of votes) when there were 7 options to vote for (2 of them being coalitions before the election).

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