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A local train experience in the US

My holiday in the US included spending time with friends and family after my package tour.  Having covered  important  sights I wanted a local experience and that I got through help from family and friends. 

I went with them visiting their usual haunts – their fish market, local stores, library, school and even some banks  They all have cars which is common in the US unlike India. I wanted a train experience and a niece obliged me by taking me to a Broadway show travelling by train from New Jersey to New York. What I truly liked about the train was one did not have to climb into the train but just walk into it from the plat form unlike the trains in India where we literally have to climb. 

The seating arrangement inside the train was also different and most important, the train was not crowded. It was indeed a smooth ride. 

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Written by grace


  1. I have boarded train less than five times in life. I always see trains overcrowded to the top and sideways in India. It’s very dangerous.
    How does the train conductor receive fare from the passengers when it’s very crowded?