US international religious freedom commission declared India a dangerous country for minorities

 US Commission on Religious Freedom has declared India the most dangerous country for minorities and this is for the first in the history. India is facing global disgrace for its mistreatment of minorities and now the United States has also declared India a dangerous country for minorities.

In this regard, the annual report of the US Commission on Religious Freedom was released in which for the first time India was declared a dangerous country for minorities. In US Commission report, India has been included in the list of CPC countries. According to a statement from the US Commission, the annual report criticized the US Commission on the controversial Indian Citizenship Bill. In 2019, attacks on minorities in India increased and India fell sharply in terms of religious freedom.

India declared ‘dangerous’ for minorities by US international religious freedom commission

According to the report, the US Commission also strongly criticized the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the Babri Masjid and the revocation of the special status of Occupied Kashmir. The report acknowledges several positive developments in Pakistan.

The US Commission has praised Pakistan government’s efforts to open the Kartarpur corridor, establish a Sikh university in Pakistan, rehabilitate a Hindu temple, acquit Asiya Bibi, and revise educational materials with discriminatory material against religious minorities. 

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  1. I knew this about Modi five years ago. We all knew that he practices radical Hinduism that his affiliated with the political party that he is in called BJP. These crazy Hindus rape women, burn down churches, and kill people. They are so wrong in their beliefs.

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