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5 Random Facts About Maria

I have been seeing a lot of people who are posting 5 random facts about themselves, and I want to do the exact same thing since I don’t have work today. So, here it goes:

1. I love watching movies or TV series on Netflix – Yes, it’s one of my past times when I don’t have a task from my Australian client.

2. I drink more than 5 cups of tea every day – You heard it right. It’s like an addiction I can barely control. LOL.

3. I am a dog-person. – We have 9 dogs at home.

4. Shopping is my weakness – Whenever I feel sad or upset, I go out to shop. I enjoy grocery shopping, too.

5. I love to go to places I have never been to before – I love to travel as it provides a range of benefits like learning a new culture, meeting new people, etc. But sadly, I can’t do it anymore due to financial reasons.

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