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10 Reasons WHY I Heart Virily

Joined this site in June 2017.  That’s almost a year which means I’m either a Virily expert or I’m at a minimum, qualified to brag a little about this site and why I am a member.  It was very easy for me to create a Top Ten List.  If you are a member then you will likely agree with me.  If you are thinking about joining Virily but can’t decide, then here are 10 good reasons WHY.

  1. Easy publishing platform
  2. Variety of ways to publish content (discussions, quizzes, polls, etc.)
  3.  Awesome visual display ~ home page and individual post pages (very pretty!)
  4. Earn for your activity: posting, viewing, commenting, referrals … even for logging in
  5. Social media and other outgoing links are permitted in author’s bio
  6. Affiliate referral links are allowed in posts
  7. Badges are awarded for “good behavior” (they’re so cute!)
  8. Virily administrators and members are kind and supportive
  9. You can work at your own pace

But don’t just take my word.  Listen to what other Virilyans have to say.

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    Agree with my Top 10 List?

    • I totally agree!
    • Agree, but I have something to add. (See comments.)
    • Disagree
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    When did your Virily adventures begin?

    • Before June 2017
    • After June 2017
    • Also joined in June 2017
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    Which type of content do you enjoy creating the most?

    • Quizzes
    • Lists
    • Polls
    • Versus
    • Discussions
    • Other Formats


What do you think?

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    • Thanks. Sometimes the system has “growing pains”. Members have to remember this site is practically brand new. But all the reasons listed above are why most people enjoy this site.

  1. I honestly am having mixed feeling about this site. I have been through so many sites going away that is is disheartening. Niume was awesome but we all know what happened. I am with MyLot and that to me is a stable and awesome site. They have been around a long time. But here, it seems nice but there is something about it that makes me feel uneasy. I just cannot sink my teeth into it. I know I have to give it a chance, but I do hope I overcome this feeling.

    • I am both here and at MyLot. All I can say is that I learned the hard way to make backup copies of my content so that I could republish elsewhere if the site disappears. Some of these sites survive and some don’t. MyLot was here, then gone, and then it came back. The cool thing is that they kept people’s content from like 10 years ago! So if those folks want to come back they can. That’s cool! That did not happen with any of the other sites like Bubblews. Who can predict the future of this site? But it is a lovely site don’t you think? I love the visual display of the content.

      • Right, I am so happy that the original owners bought back MyLot and kept everything. I just have a funny feeling about this site. Maybe I shouldn’t. I think it is because of being shell shocked with all those other sites. I always keep back ups of all my content.

    • It’s very easy to search this site and see what others are doing here if you need ideas. Even if you don’t want to publish content, you can at least show your fellow members support by viewing their posts and leaving comments, and participating in quizzes and polls. You earn “virils” for that kind of activity. Are you totally clueless about what to do here? Why did you sign up? Were you referred by a friend?

    • Niume damaged my psyche. I wasn’t going to write here or at any other similar sites after Niume. I understand that the owner passed away and nobody wanted to continue the site. But Niume was at the end of a list of several sites that vanished. When Virily was mentioned as an alternative I wasn’t going to sign up. I finally got talked into it. It really is a very pretty site, it’s easy to publish, and the admin folks and community create a pleasant environment. I haven’t reached cash out yet. But that’s because I didn’t really make any effort. Like I said my psyche was damaged. I just didn’t want to put effort into a site that might disappear. But it looks like Virily aims to stay! So I’ll be hanging around.

    • That was my opinion then. I have a different opinion now. Some changes have been made to this site and I am disappointed with them. But it is the prerogative of the owners to make whatever changes they see fit. Doesn’t mean the members will be happy about them.