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While Out and About… What have you found?

One of the things I like about hiking is the interesting stuff you find along the way.

What is the strangest, most bizarre, outlandish or awesome finds you have found while out and about?

Let’s have some fun, keep adding to the list and don’t forget to check back to see what others may have posted. Every time you find something cool, post it here!

Below I have started the list with my unusual finds.

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Written by Kim_Johnson


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  1. Every year. One of my fave to forage for. Usually prolific, hard to mistake for ONE toxic,(not lethal), look alike and the biting bugs have usually diminished around the time they appear.
    Loved your series. I find many surprises in my wanderings, so many treasures, mushrooms, antlers, bright colored bird feathers, and a great sky, so large, I can soar without measures! Swim!

    • I think I should wait for someone to go with me that knows more about it. My luck I would pick one of those toxic ones, or id find a new lethal version.. I used to hunt Morel Mushrooms each spring. Those are easy to find and not many look they way they do. Glad you liked this article, feel free to add to it. It is an open list.

  2. “Purple spored puffball”, one in the Lycoperdon family, (literally translated, Wolfs’ fart, really!), one of many good edibles, like hot buttered popcorn…Yum! The “Giant” gets bowling bowl sized but, even the dime sized ones are good, as long as the interior remains white.

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