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Wander Warm Project (Hawaii)

Good morning and welcome to anywhere that isn’t where I am (and 8 degrees F this morning). 8 degrees feels like a punishment, a retribution for the complaining done by my sons and labradors. Lots of complaining when it is too hot and too cold. I guess one begat the other. Although in fairness the labs only complain when it is hot. Most of their complaining is subtle, let’s slow this roll a little type, in the winter they are happy to be out and about.

Funny how that little bit of complaining goes a long way.

I won’t make any polar bear and seals in the living room jokes today. It is so cold I am trying to warm my hands with Ice Cubes. I guess you know it is really cold when ice cubes are warm.

Anyway, the standup routine for today is now over. Our trip to Hawaii was comprised of two parts. The first was the Norwegian cruise amongst the islands. The food on that cruise was average to below average. The sights and stops were amazing! We visited several of the islands. My favorite stop was the volcano national park. Just to see the volcanos, I had read about my entire life was beyond amazing!

Plus I now realize how big those volcanos are. When you see an eruption on video it looks like a small crater pumping out lava. It isn’t small. It is a huge crater. Plus the entire park is filled with volcanic steam vents.


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