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Wander project what my father saw…

The pictures today still from the first Wisconsin River folder. Today though the pictures are pretty far apart. By that I mean you can’t stand in one place and take these pictures. You have to walk. Dad loved walking. My memories of the early vacations we took, was the planned hikes. Not, by the way, the days of GPS. Dad planned the hikes on Platt maps. He spent hours figuring out where we should go. The family vacation to anywhere would end up with hikes. Now, later, after we got the canoes, sometimes we would drive to a place and Canoe. But if the canoes weren’t on the station wagon, we were going for a hike. Just think, I remember dad saying, we could be the first people here today.

I wish now that I hadn’t complained so much when I was little. Those walks were great experiences. But as a child, it was easier to complain that accept.  I guess I have grown and my taste buds have matured dad. Now I like going on hikes. Then not so much, but now I understand. The line by the way, “your taste buds will mature” was my father’s answer to any of his children, but mostly me when we didn’t like a vegetable or food. Jerusalem Artichokes and Zucchini were things I was supposed to grow to love. I still hate the taste of both of them. Zucchini fried is ok, it still crisp. Zucchini is ok. Also it’s crisp. Zucchini cooked becomes a mass of slimy blech. I can’t eat zucchini cooked in soups, or the oven!

Dad said many other things over the years. “lock the gate to keep honest people honest” was another one of his favorites. I remember riding in the car with dad not having the radio on. He would sing Detour there’s a muddy road ahead. Or “we won’t be back til it’s over there.” Over and over, those songs now are stuck forever in my memory.

But the one thing that didn’t stick was plants names. Dad would, stopping along the trail seeing some plant, launch into the scientific name (Latin) of the plant. The Phila, order and of course family of that plant. All of that slipped away. I would even say Poison Oak, and Poison Ivy slipped away until I found that on my own and ended up remembering what those plants looked like because of skin reactions!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. If I don’t like the taste of some veg, I just think that it is good for my body, chew it some and swallow ???. I do that with the bitter gourd, moringga, mostly any veg with bitter taste. Hikes are good generally so long as there is a good trail and it is not raining.

      • Well I eat eggplants so I also eat zucchini. I eat okra even when I don’t like the slimy feel ???. Your dad is right. The taste buds do mature. See, when we were in Guilin in China, we ate in a resto that serves all kinds of meat. Snake. Dog. Cat. Rat. Rabbit. Etc. The menu said if you want to order those exotic ones, you need to order it in advance. Anyway, we ordered fish, pork and beef. But while eating some of the family members kept joking there could be some cat or dog in it ???. One of my nephews and I said that is all fine because we consider it as survival training for when there is war. The jokes got into me but I refused to show it in my face (because the teasing will only get worse) so I ate. Heck. Ignorance is bliss ???.

          • Lol! I had crocodile knowing it was crocodile. I do taste some at least once. Just not dog or cat or rat or bugs. I had frog once and kangaroo too. But I will not eat it again. The frog tastes fish-like. The kangaroo tastes real good but it is hard to eat it when you encountered a live one and fed it in your hand.

        • I have a similar struggle mostly when I know what I am eating. I guess over the years of helping my parents with their chicken coop, chicken is food. They are not nice animals and eat everything so it doesn’t bother me to eat them!

  2. I think that as children we all complained about, walking, what kind of food special vegetables, etc. Today we are thinking completely differently. We would complain if we did not go for a walk if we did not eat healthy …


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