Wander project, what my father saw (25)

The pictures today come from the winter folder. Wisconsin has a lot more snow than Indiana. If you look at a map of the US, you’ll see that Indiana is south of Wisconsin. You’ll also notice that you could draw a straight line (nearly) from Indiana to Maryland. The weather between the two, however, is very different. The Atlantic Ocean impacts the weather of Maryland more than you would think. Indiana gets more snow than we do in Maryland. They also end up with the full impact of the polar vortex. Wisconsin is then even colder than Indiana. The pictures today from Dad’s Winter folder. There are a couple of duplicates,  A couple of the slides were scanned upside down.

Most of these pictures are winter near the Dells. I remember spending winter in Wisconsin many times. One year we rode in a propeller plane from Indianapolis Indiana to Milwaukee Wisconsin. My Grandparents picked us up and dropped us off at the airport. I remember another time; we drove up in our old car, that didn’t have heat in the back seat. The sedan was filled with blankets and mom drove us all the way to Wisconsin. Before the finished US National Highway system the trip took 8 hours. The trip happened before my baby sister was born. We sang songs and had a wonderful, albeit cold trip to Cambridge Wisconsin. I cannot remember what holiday that was, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I do remember that dad was working on his Thesis. I couldn’t then, tell you what a thesis was. Well I can, it was “please play outside your father is working on his thesis.” Sadly that is my only memory of the concept of a Thesis. Certainly, later I understood what the term meant. But as a child, it meant to go outside and play. Your father is working. We lived then in old World War II army barracks. Indiana University had purchased them and set them up in an open field as student housing. It’s funny, if you got to Bloomington Now, the field where we lived is a field again. Well, it was a couple of years ago, the last time I went to look. When we were there the thin walls and by then very old buildings were well into their last few years of existence.Wa


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