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Wander project what my father saw 12

My father’s pictures this time Indiana 14 was the folder name. First off, I don’t have 14 folders called Indiana. I have three, 13, 14 and scene 4. It makes me wonder what happened to the others. Dad stored slides in one of three modes. He stored in the carousel used with the projector. He stored them in the boxes, and he stored them in slide trays. He seems to have named all of them differently which tells me over the years he changed his system of storage. Towards the end, the slides were stored in a watertight container and forgotten. I suspect the last time anyone looked at some of the slides was most likely before they moved from the farm in the mid-1990s.  I don’t think dad ever show my wife slides so it may even earlier than that.

My wife appeared on the scene in 1990. I do remember a slide show in the 1980’s early on period. We had visitors from Thailand, and mom and dad had a party at the farm. I remember someone asking about slides and dad pulling a few slides out from our time in Thailand. By then, it had been 18 years since we had lived in the Land of Smiles. The images though were as fun later as they were earlier. You can’t go back in time, but you remember what was back in time. I guess that becomes the journey. To wander back in time. Still, so many of this picture are 9ones no one, but my father ever saw (most likely 2 or 3 times in total) once when the images were taken.

Once when he reviewed them after picking them up from the store. And probably one more time when he put them in the box and sealed it with packing tape to make it waterproof. It, the box, with slides were then stored in a place that time forgot. I know I had forgotten the slides. It wasn’t until my father asked me if I could convert some of his father’s (my grandfathers) slides into digital files that I remembered all of dad’s slides. I still have the cameras dad used for some of the slides. At one point he had to change cameras, his camera was stolen while we were in Thailand. But I have the replacement and then the quick camera he bought to take faster pictures (point and shoot film camera). But I sometimes wonder when I look at these pictures what was he thinking, and he snapped the picture?


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