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Wander project water and "I'll have that."

More pictures on the water. As we headed out towards the river basin, we encountered a fairly large dead fish. That, of course, prompted me to take pictures. That picture takes prompted my wife to remind me of the fish story! Like all couples that have been together for a long time, we have a lot of common stories. This is one of those stories. One day, when we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, before our daughter was born, we had nothing to do on a Saturday. We decided to visit the Northern Kentucky town of Newport. Newport is part of Cincinnati; there is just this huge honking, the muddy river between Cincinnati proper and Newport proper. Oh yeah, and somewhere in that river a state line.

But in terms of distance, they are not far apart. We wandered around the city for a bit, enjoying the walk. We were both hungry, so we decided to go to General Lee for lunch. General Lee is an old now permanently moored, riverboat, on the river. Actually on the Ohio River on the Kentucky shore. We walked in; the place was pretty empty. We sat down at a nice table, and our server took our drink orders — Diet Coke for me, Iced Tea (not sweet tea) for my wife. We talked and settled in. The server came back and asked if we were ready to place our order. We said yes. I ordered a burger and fries. The server looked to my wife and made the mistake of asking her, “what will you have.”

Don’t ask me why that was a mistake. At that time, I didn’t know it was a mistake to ask my wife that.  I do now, but then I did not.

My wife paused and looking out the window; she saw a large dead catfish floating by. She said, “I’ll have that.” Pointing at the fisk out the window.

The server was not amused.

I was.

Needless to say, my wife did not wish fresh fish this past weekend. So we let the dead fish float on by!


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