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Wander project "To all the cars I've loved before…"

Looking back over 30 years, we’ve owned several cars. We started our relationship, my wife and I, each having a car. We moved to a city (Cincinnati), where we both worked in entirely different parts of town. At various times during my working career, I drove to Chicago on Monday’s. I often flew if I had to go somewhere else, but still had to drive to the airport. The biggest thing looking back at the cars is that we covered every type of car. We had sports utility vehicles. The SUV craze was huge in the US. A nod to some other authors, including Albert that love Black SUVs. Where I live in the US, a Black SUV usually is driven by people in various government services.

We had mini-vans and a full-size van. We, when leaving Indiana for Maryland, decided that we were done with Mini-vans. So we traded the mini-van for a convertible. The issue was that we had additional drivers and dogs. Now with the towns in college and taking family trips, we ended up getting a mini-van again. I guess we were premature in letting our mini-van go all those years ago. Two people, two cars, became three people and three vehicles. Now it is six people (my daughter and son-in-law are living with us right now) and five vehicles. Our driveway is always full. Right now, nobody other than my daughter and wife has even to leave the house, but the cars are there!

Cars mean something different in the US. Our world is spread out a lot more. But it is hard sometimes to explain to someone from Asia or Europe why cars are critical in the US. One of the differences in public transportation. Or, more honestly, in the US, the lack of public transportation. I have never rented a car in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Tokoyo, or Kuala Lumpur. I found public transportation a lot more active outside the US. So cars are a little more important here in the US. But they are important everywhere else. I only have a couple more cards for the Just for fun Car crazy challenges and will head back to the just for fun only part, but it has been fun thinking about the cars we’ve had over the years!


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Written by DocAndersen

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          • Yes, you got it right: “El cumpleaños del coche” “The birthday of the car”. Yes, why not??? I could write a story called “The birthday of the car”. (I have done an interview to promote the book. I will write a post in Virily about it soon). I have only had two cars in my entire life. You have had a lot.. you can write a saga…

          • It was great to discover your cars. They are great. Cars are always so magical. Do you remember when I wrote about “On the road” and we talked about it?? This novel elevates the meaning of a car. I have read about Highway 66 on the USA. It must be great

          • Yes, I think it is romantic. As USA is so big you can have a lot of adventures travelling the states. Hollywood has done a great job for Americans in the sense we all watch movies set in USA and foreigners like me who do not live in the USA have a romantic vision of your country. But you must be careful choosing a president as everything your president does appear in European countries.

        • a friend of mine always says whatever will be will be.

          i know, it was a song originally.

          i have yet to see the world leader that at one point or another I didn’t think why did they elect him or her?

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