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Wander project the house with two masters

A student came to a master who was working outside his home.

“Master, I have a question.” The student said.

“Come inside,” the master replied, “and we will see if I have answers today.”

They walked in; the master went to his usual spot and gently sat down. The student paused for a moment and then blurted out “why that chair master, it looks old and uncomfortable.” The Masters’s Dog appeared at that moment with the master’s slippers. Before answering the question, he removed his workbooks and then put on the slippers.

“It is my chair/” The master responded. “it fits me.”

The student stood for a moment; the master pointed to the other chair in the room and motioned for the student to sit.

The chair was soft; the cushions were comfortable. The Dog came to the student, and the student idly petted the Dog.

“Why not this chair is comfortable.” The student finally asked. The Dog wandered to another part of the room and laid down.

“I did not come in a hurry with questions. The questioner should be comfortable first so that the questions can flow.” The master replied.

And the questions did flow, one after the other. With each item, the Dog raised his head, and the master waved for the Dog to say in his spot. With the last question, the Dog raised his head, and the master smiled. The Dog walked over to the student and like his face. The student paused for a moment, confused.

“I have asked you all these questions master, and the dog came to comfort me, why is that?”

“When you are filled with more questions than you can answer, it can cause great pain. The Dog acknowledged your pain. He understands that love is the one thing we can always share. It is the one answer to every question that leaves both sides with a smile.”

The student rose, and walking to the door; he said, “in this home, there live two masters.”

The master smiled at him as he walked out the door.

The dog walked over to the master and sat in front o him. “yes,” the master said, “There are two masters in this house.”

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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