Wander project still water runs deep

I love taking pictures of Osprey. They are magnificent birds. I love watching them fly, even more; birds are more graceful in the air then they are on the ground. On the ground, they struggle like the rest of us. In the air, though they are truly the royalty of the sky. It was hot on Monday as we pulled out of the dock, I’ve mentioned that before. The fun reality of what we do and where we go through is that once you are on open water, the air cools quickly. The water due to the nature of sunshine never really warms too much above 70 degrees. Except in really shallow water, but the bay isn’t shallow, so we don’t have that issue. It is a cool breeze that lifts off the bay!

Our marina is on Back Creek which is the second creek that feeds the bay around Annapolis. Next to Annapolis is the Severn River. The river is the channel into the inner harbor of Annapolis; then there is another creek that created the harbor itself. The great wooden ships of the past had no issue making it all the way into the inner harbor of Annapolis. Now the great container ships that display a lot more water, anchor, well outside of the inner harbor. They cannot, the great container ships, go into the inner harbor now. Now, the inner harbor of Annapolis is filled with yachts ad great craft. Some of them we have gone by many times, and they never leave the dock.

Some do leave the dock, their great engines roaring to life as they head out towards the Bay. Some of those acts are so big that they have helicopter pads on them. The helicopter on the end of the boat, bigger than our boat as we wander by.  Inside those boats a different world than the one we share with Captain Lars but that is for another journey and another day. Now, we are heading back to the marina. Back to the slip and then home. Another day’s journey done. Another wander project completed. Each minute on the water remembered savored as though a gourmet meal with great import. Yes, the sauces we can make as we dream of the Bay. Water is the great equalizer. No matter how high the waves, when the wind and moon stop pushing and pulling, the water lies flat. Always flat as though untouched.

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