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Life is a journey filled with voices that becomes a walk along a path. I would for a moment digress based on the pictures shared — a pool. We in 5 years built two pools. We added a pool to our house in Cincinnati Ohio. Not our first house, but the second house we built. We were in that house for one summer and then moved back to Indiana. In the end, it was a good lesson for us, around improving a house. It was also our first pool experience. As they were building the pool, they dumped a wheelbarrow of concrete into the pool. They had to run and change the filters ten times to get the concrete out. They also had to drain the pool and replace the liner. That delayed the pool opening, by a solid month but the pool was done in April, we didn’t open it until May!

The reality of twins set in during our move from our house in Western Hills to our house in Mt. Airy (both suburbs of Cincinnati Ohio). Being the parents of twins is a lot more work that we had realized. We decided that summer after moving into that new house that we needed to move back to Indiana. We determined that being closer to the family was important. We put the house on the market that year in October and moved to Indiana. We would add a pool to the new house we bought in Indiana in the Spring. It is an interesting story when you consider the reality we were facing. We spent a lot of time in the NICU at the beginning (NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

Moving back to Indiana was a difficult decision. It was the right thing for us to do at the time. The pools, however, were interesting as well. Our first pool was a great way to have friends over and just hung out. The pool became a focus point; every year we had a summer pool party. After to Indiana, we ended up having one for our neighborhood friends and one for work friends, and we added one for church friends. We are in and around the pool as a huge part of what and how we were in the world. Our first parties in Cincinnati were dinner parties. We then shifted to pool parties. I do not miss the before, cleaning up the pool, and then after cleaning up the pool again.


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