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Wander project Prague…

Traveling the world, you rely on the kindness of strangers. Well, sometimes not strangers but people you worked with but hadn’t met yet. They would become in many cases friends. But at the time of traveling, they were people I worked with. I would say, where should I stay. What hotel is the best one for me to be in? I was going to Prague. A city I had read about, thought about and always wanted to visit. Now I was going to arrive. I did not as I said a moment ago stay in fancy hotels. I stayed where the local team recommended. If at all possible, a Marriott. I was and am a huge Marriott fan. Mostly because with over 1000 nights stayed I am a platinum member for life, and that is nice.

I was exhausted walking into my Hotel room for the next three nights. I walked into my hotel room (the very first picture). I didn’t see a bed and for a second was dreading pulling the murphy bed out of the wall to sleep. That wasn’t the case, and I realized a few seconds after standing there, that there were stairs. It was and remains one of the five nicest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in, ever. Only the vice presidents suite at the Blackstone in Chicago and the executive suite at the JW Marriott hotel in Kuala Lumpur are better rooms than the one I got that night in Prague. I wandered over to the Concierge lounge and found beer and smoked salmon waiting. Needless to say other than the meals I ate with the team, I was in the lounge eating!

I had read of Prague in the works of Kafka and other authors. This being posts the cold war, I knew of Prague from spy novels and thrillers. It is a wonderful city. I love the castle. But I am a huge castle person. They had smoked salmon every night I was in Prague. I did walk over to the bar named for Franz Kafka. I had to pay homage to the great writer. As I have for F Scott Fitzgerald (near me in Rockville MD), Edgar Allen Poe (in nearby Baltimore). Or an homage to James Joyce in Dublin. I love seeing where writers created. Tolkien and the Oxford campus. CS Lewis and the Oxford campus. I wonder if I could have created such great works, given the time and location! I know I probably couldn’t have. My dreams ar3e much smaller.  Just happy that I no longer stumble, confused into hotel rooms exhausted.


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Written by DocAndersen

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