Wander project post wedding – the reception!

There was a lag between the wedding and the reception, as is a tradition. The new bride and new groom need to have some post-ceremony pictures. My sister had planned some activities, but sadly reality and rain interceded. We were trapped in the wonderfully decorated barn for the 45 or so minutes between the ceremony and the start of the reception. There was food available and a candy bar for the children. Candy and children isn’t often a good combination. They, the kids, were zooming shortly after the candy bar opened. It is, as a parent, fun to watch someone else’s kids zoom. You, as the non-parent, don’t have to do anything other than watch and smile!

The coolest part of the reception for me was the shoe game. The bride and groom sit back to back in chairs. The MC asks questions, and each one holds up the shoe of the person they believe answers that question. Who is a better driver (they both held up their shoes)? Who is the better cook (they both held up the groom’s shoes)? A fun wedding game that got everyone involved both the wedding party and the crowd. Enjoyed the game, and after that, it was time for food. My sister made all the food as I mentioned before, and it was amazing! Her pulled pork was dreamy. I am a huge fan of pulled pork anyway, and had it with and without BBQ sauce, delightful!

It was also wonderful to hang out with family and my bestie. It is something we don’t get to do as often as we would like, the two of us hanging out as the two of us. We are often, mom and dad, or exhausted working professionals trying to make it home at night. Sometimes you just have to be who you were. The nice thing about this particular event was that it was in Bloomington. We both grew up in, met in and left Bloomington. We ran into each other many times before finally realizing we were meant to be. We got to go to our favorite restaurant (where my wife worked when we were first dating) and just be a couple for a day (or three). Our only argument in the course of the three days was the one we’ve had for 27 years now, what plays on the car radio!

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