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Wander project pictures and memories of Notre Dame…

Today I am sharing a few pictures from my “iPhone Collection.” It is scary when you start having enough pictures to have an actual collection. Part of today is the reality of companies going out of business. The Fathom Drone company (underwater ROV) is closing its doors. There are so many interesting things you can do int his modern world, but the reality of a niche market is just that. It is a smaller market, and if you don’t hit the market at the right moment, you are done. Over the years, traveling around the world, I’ve seen several things that have lasted. I spent, with my wonderful wife a couple of days walking around Paris. We spent time inside of Notre Dame.

We were both saddened by the fire of yesterday. (April 15) The Fire consumed the old spire and managed the church badly. It is such a beautiful place, from the side the stained glass windows were beyond amazing. I have had the opportunity to see many of the world’s great landmarks. I’ve touched the great wall of Istanbul. I’ve walked along and touched the great wall of China. I have been to some of the greatest cities in the world. I’ve touched the wall of London as well. It makes me sad when one of those great things of the past are damaged. Eight hundred fifty years, two world wars and a rebellion didn’t break Notre Dame. A fire isn’t going to break the cathedral either.

It will close for a time. People will walk by the outside of the building. They will see the sad remains post-fire from the river. But Notre Dame will rise again as things do.  I can honestly say I was moved by the stained glass and as we walked through the cathedral that day the choir was practicing. Perhaps it was the majesty of the ceilings or the acoustics of the building but that choir was amazing.

Sad news around yesterday. When the things around you look their bleakest, it is hard sometimes to remember that the world continues. The sun will rise in the east today. Time will tick off the clocks of the world. Tomorrow lies ahead of us, and yesterday is remembered.


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