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Wander project Oak Island NC

Wave jumping, I am not sure why it has not caught on as an Olympic sport. One of my wife’s favorite things is to be on, near or by the water. She loves beaches (and while she didn’t always, she loving boating now!) and so we try once or twice a year to get to the beach. A couple of years 2013 and then 2014 we wandered down to Oak Island North Carolina. I have an Oak Island NC hat, I’ve had people come up to me and say “I love the TV show.” I love the TV show as well, but it is set on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. Oak Island North Carolina is part of the outer banks and a wonderful place to go and relax on the beach. We went in 2013 with my whole family, and then in 2014, we went with the dogs and just us.

There are lots of pictures I won’t share them all. Many have been shared with other posts. I just happen to love the pictures of the twins playing in the water. Every time we go to the beach after they turned 12 or 13, they started the trip with “I’m not getting in the water.” The minute, however that they saw the water as evidenced by the pictures shared, they were in the water.  Funny how perception becomes more important sometimes than reality until reality kicks in and you forget the perception. Both times, the twins played in the water. The first time we didn’t take the dogs with us. We stayed on the southern part of Oak Island. As I said, my whole family was there.

The second time we did bring the dogs. Its funny, Raven had joined our family in April of 2014 and was already bonded with the twins. She, however, hated water. Well, I should clarify that she hated the moving water of the ocean. She was scared of the water. Dylan just waded right into the water; he loves water, lakes, and oceans. Raven for the first part of the week was scared. After a few days of seeing her twins playing in the water, she went in. Now she is ok with water, not that she jumps right in, but she won’t avoid water as she did when she was first with us.  I do have to admit it was funny having a water dog that didn’t like the water living with us. Fran loved water; she just didn’t go in because she got ear infections. Gwen wasn’t a water dog and hated the water. Funny how dogs are like people sometimes.


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