Wander project nearly time to head back to the bay!

With spring this not young man’s fancy turns to water. Well not into water or becoming water rather, it is growing closer to boating season!  This year we decided to move away from Annapolis Maryland with our boat. Not horribly far, a little further south down the Maryland Coast on the Chesapeake Bay. Based on Rex’s post showing a map oF where his valley is in Montana, I am sharing a map (the very last picture) of our new Marina. We are a full peninsula below Annapolis now. A lot closer to the actual Bay and based on previous trips to that area, many fewer boats. It is not that my wife and I aren’t social; it is more than we like cruising the Bay, not dodging sailboats.

The other thing that we are excited about is that we are now really close to two restaurants that have boat docks. One of them we’ve been to more than once. We are looking forward to rolling up to the restaurant in our boat. That way, we can always get the food to go and relax on the boat. The boat is comfortable; sometimes restaurants are not. Plus with the boat we have our stuff, making it easier to relax. We control the music, instead of having to listen to the music piped over the restaurant speakers. How many times can you listen to the instrumental version of the Eagles “Taking it Easy,” before you start adding the words back in, out loud?

Boating and water season are neigh! I guess it is sort of like Christmas used to be when I was little. The anticipation of change. The anticipation of new. I guess this is my gardening experience. Two things I am looking forward to this year is running the ROV in the Bay and exploring a new river. We learned all about Annapolis, the inner harbor and the reality of traffic. We’ve wandered to the Bay Bridge (US 50 where it crosses over the Bay). We’ve explored the northern part of Kent Island Maryland. Now it is time to move a little further south and see, what we can see. Plus, without being stuck in boating traffic, the opportunity to drop anchor fish, and relax is now an option!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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