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Wander project more on Easter…

Wandering Easter, probably one or two more times this week. One of the holiday traditions that my daughter and I cherished was the star wait. Christmas and Easter the two big holidays where things were hidden or delivered. Christmas, the presents under the tree. Easter with the eggs and candy hidden on the main level of the house. The Lab (Fran) slept upstairs, and the Easter Bunny stayed away from labs. Mostly because I think Fran would have enjoyed eating the Easter Bunny, Gwen used to follow us around as we hid the eggs and candy, forcing us to hide them a little higher than Gwen could safely reach. But as the morning arrived, the kids would wait at the top of the stairs for us to release them.

There were several times (starting once they, the twins were no longer in cribs) that our daughter had to restain Twins on the stairs. Over the years we collected iterations of this picture. We recreated it this year for Christmas. I do miss the days of these pictures sometimes. Back in that day, we had a three-level house (funny, we’ve had three level houses since back when we lived in Cincinnati). In the case, in Greenwood, the Master bedroom was on the main level, and the kids were at the top level of the house. When we first moved in my wife had the entire house kids proofed. We had to; the twins early on were quite active.

It wasn’t easy for our daughter, but she was great with the Twins — all that effort is feeding them when they were little paid off. The three would come down the stairs and go into the kitchen. The kitchen was also on the main level of the house. They would see their baskets, and then off searching for eggs and candy. We were careful to only put out a certain number of eggs. That way we could count them, and make sure we had them when the searching was done. The next thing was taking the candy away, so it wasn’t eaten in a 2 hour period. Overall the experience was always interesting. We did usually find missed candy that had been hidden far too well for a month or so after the holiday.


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