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Wander project Mexico and memories of early dates with my wife….

Heading down Mexico way. There are some glorious beaches on either side of Mexico. I’ve had the fortune to visit Mexico many times. I’ve been to Mexico City, that is a fantastic vacation and work location. I went a couple of times for work. The last time I went, my wife went with me. That was fun. She got to sightsee while I worked. Then we spent the weekend in Mexico City, so we got to sight see together. She and I have similar views on the fun of sightseeing. We like to visit museums, and we love to walk. We usually walk to the places we are interested in seeing. I suspect the walking part of vacations comes from our first few dates. Other than a series of one-act plays most of our early dates were long walks.

Walk, and the talk was the date format. I was barely able to do two things at once but managed to cope in the early days. We would walk from what was then her house on Madison Avenue in Bloomington Indiana all the way to the Red Chair bakery. We both loved the Chocolate Chip cookies that the Red Chair bakery made. They were warm; we would walk into the store and order two and then resume our walk. We solved all the problems of the world, the two of us in conversation. Many other early dates were simple as well. We would go to Boxman’s Chicken, get two box meals and ride our bikes all the way through the southern part of Bloomington to the YMCA.

Then we would watch the kids play soccer or baseball. Enjoying our Boxman’s chicken and talking. Funny how talking with someone makes all the difference. Plus we were broke, and that was the most we could afford. Now. Most of our date nights involve a long conversation. Normally it is over dinner where our favorite thing is to order a couple of appetizers and talk.

Our trip to Mexico with the kids was a blast as well. We ended up taking them to Puerto Viarta. We had a lot of Marriott points, so we stayed at the Marriott resort. From the beach to the pool it was a wonderful week-long respite from traveling. It ended up being a two leg flight (Indy to Denver, Denver to PV Mexico) The only person that traveled back then was me, the rest of the family got away from Indiana!


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