Wander project Mexico…

I decided to stay with images of Mexico today. Mostly because when checking my home weather station the reading wasn’t 50, 60 or 70 degrees to start the day. The reading was 27. Or below freezing for those using the more modern Centigrade for their temperatures. Cold enough to cause water to undergo a state change from liquid to solid. IE cold air that isn’t always friendly to humans.

So we are back to the warm air and warm water of Mexico for today. We may be there for a few days now. It is supposed to warm up over the next couple of days. The TV weather person proclaiming warmer air coming our way. But warmer than freezing doesn’t mean warm air. It just means that the air isn’t cold enough to freeze the water as it falls. Instead you get the cold miserable rain. The kind of rain that falls from the sky and as it touches you sucks the warmth from your body.

I won’t waxx poetic about cold anymore I promise. I will keep posting images of Mexico, Thailand and US beaches until it gets a little warmer in Maryland. While I cannot feel the sting of the sun on my face (if you walk outside like we do, uncovered faces aren’t happy in the freezing cold). I will instead share previous sun with you, captured by a digital camera and stored on a harddrive. Surely the sunshine is still valid, right?


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