Wander project, a meeting in Copenhagen Denmark

Denmark, circa 2006. I had a work meeting that I had to attend for a week (and a couple of days) in Copenhagen at the office. First, off the images you see, first of two sets are of the city of Copenhagen. The first three nights we stayed in Copenhagen proper. The second three nights we stayed at a seaside resort that was closer to the office. One of the best parts of the week was the catered meals. The office in Copenhagen was not one of our companies traditional offices (they were at best bland). This was a company that we had purchased, so the office was beyond amazing.

Plus it was in Copenhagen which remains one of if not my all time favorite cities. Every morning our crew got up, gathered in the lobby of the hotel and headed to the office first via train and then a short walk. Without a doubt, the conversations on the train were some of the best conversations I’ve had outside of my own family in a long time. We talked about the world, the universe and the profession we had all chosen!

The first couple of days were rainy. After that, it cleared up, and the weather was magnificent. One of those all time fun events you enjoy from time to time. Sometimes traveling wasn’t bad, when you got to travel with friends and see the world.

I do have to say there was a discussion of swords and people that were wielding the sword. The argument is that some people carried swords and killed those of us who didn’t carry swords. I think that was more ego than reality. Intelligence ended the age of metal swords and armor, by creating guns. The last of the knights were killed from 20 feet away, the blast of a musket in most cases enough to finish them off!

I love Copenhagen!


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  1. europe is always cloudy and wet. i just went to IKEA to buy some picture frames. the IKEA maze was crowded with people because it was hot outside, and i noticed that it has grown a lot, especially the cafeteria area. i think it will eventually turn into an IKEA Mall.

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