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Top 4 Adventure Activities In Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful and multicultural country with the infinite number of places and activities, situated on the Atlantic coast in North of Africa. Travelers who go for adventure may experience an immense amount of enjoyment and unforgettable memories for their lifetime. From timorous to highly adventurous, narrow souks to ancient places of Morocco, with unforgiving sand sculptures, high stretched mountains, the most ever beautiful swirling rivers, modern hotels, and resorts with affordable accommodations will help you to accommodate yourself with the complete adventurous journey in morocco.

Don’t wait for the summer to be gone. Experience some top adventure activities, assuredly to get your heart beating and adrenaline pumping and make you more excited for the ancient discovery of morocco.

  • Dune Boarding in Sahara desert:

In the huge and massive dunes of the great Western Sahara, sand boarding at affordable and manageable speed on Erg Chigaga and Erg Chebbi sand dunes with an immense height of up to 150 meters will motivate you to make S shapes on them by hovering through your skateboard. These are some best Saharan sand valleys where you can stay and enjoy sand boarding and also sometimes sand boarding events held here in hot season of summer.

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  • Water Rafting in the great rivers of Morocco: 

Delight with the most enjoyable and fabulous rafting adventure in the most pristine river, probably names with different spell sometimes “Ahsansal” passing through the bottom or core of Atlas Mountain.Rafting 80 km down in the whitewater, you will definitely approach to the spectacular and snowcapped Ourika Valley which is attractive and all the way it is alongside the river where you meet barber people to experience their great hospitality.

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  • Camel Trekking in Morocco: 

In a whole day, camel trekking with a knowledgeable guide in the deep and great Sahara desert is amazing and full of adventure. with the breathtaking, dramatic and spectacular sights in The Morocco, you can be having the perfect holidays and locations for the desert visitors with Arabic hospitality named “Laurence of Arabia”. Some of the best hotels are listed below which are offering short treks and desert customized camps.

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  • Hot-Air Balloon Ride in the Blue sky of Morocco: 

Visit and experience the wonderful places and surrounding area’s top and explores the hidden beauty of morocco you have never seen before, from a uniquely different perspective when you are in a huge basket in the sky, floating in the direction of air through right above the beautiful valleys and towns.

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Taking you through the historical country sides (Unique, mysterious, many are 1000BC old)and amazing styles of landscapes, beautiful and panoramic views of villages and look off unreal small towns surrounding Marrakesh and below- this will be an absolutely amazing lifetime unforgettable experience for you, a special part of your life memories.


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