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Top 10 Most Adventurous And Amazing Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco is one of the amazing and multicultural countries with the endless amount of fun and unforgettable experience for every Visitor, from its Oceanic edges to the warmth Western Saharan dunes. With the unforgiving sand sculptures, beautiful but heightened Atlas Mountains, stunning swirling river rapids, comfortable hotels, and resorts with reasonable accommodations, everything in Morocco will definitely help you to fuel and complete your adventurous journey. Don’t wait for too long. Go! And get the best travel experience of your life and enjoy adventurous activities, assuredly to get your heart beating and adrenaline pumping.

1.Wander in Marrakesh’s Djemma El Fna:

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In Marrakesh, Djemaa El Fna is the most popular market that is awarded the name of the centerpiece of Marrakesh, where snake charmers, Acrobats, and artists demonstrate their skills and amuse visitors. Getting Crafts, Antique jewelry items, tasty food, and a perfect observation of culture are possible to easy here like nowhere else in Morocco.

2. Getting lost in the Souks:

Discovering the antique Medinas of Morocco can be full of amusing and enjoyable. Some facts you will know while exploring the Morocco amazing places and old Medinas. La Porte d’Or – an amazing & primordial two-level bazaar crammed with rugs and antiques, Marrakesh Square Market, filled with ancient crafts and items.

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Following the zigzagging pathways in Morocco Markets, you may get lost and then find a right path to the main street can be tough, although it will be very fruitful for visitors because they may meet many of Local Moroccans and experience their hospitality.

3. Eating a sheep’s head & Tagine:

Several places are existent in Morocco where you can eat delicious and inexpensive food along with a verity of dishes like cooked snails, tajines, couscous and sheep heads — there are diverse levels of exoticism to compete the adventurousness of the food. Dar Rhizlane Bergenia in Marrakesh is a famous place here to eat Tagine & sheep head.

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4. Enjoy a Beautiful night in the Sahara:

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The Western Sahara of Morocco is another amazing yet warm place to enjoy your holidays in Morocco. Camel riding, sand boarding, and camping in Sahara are favorite activities of tourists. Erg Chebbi sand dune & Erg Chigaga are the highest dunes and are mostly recommended for a visit.

5. Hunt down the history of Morocco Antique building:

Morocco has an amazing list of historical events that may influence the history lovers and appeal them to come and visit the past antiquities. Exploring the beautiful heritage of Morocco is like traveling into the ancient times, through the vast desert, mountain and coastal areas rich in their antiquity, full of mysteries and incredible people. The old Medinas of Rabat, Marrakesh, and Tangier are interesting to explore and these cities are extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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6. Visit some ancient palaces:

Getting an idea of the former glory of this sprawling 16th-century sultan’s home, definitely a wonderful idea of exploring the subterranean rooms and a labyrinth.

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The other one is Mamounia Palace that contains a five-star hotel has been a Marrakech institution for the best part of a century, receiving well-known guests such as Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin. The third one is named as Namaskar Palace. This one is also a luxury hotel and positioned on the way from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains.

7.Go for a ride in Casa Tramway:

The Casablanca Tramway is a really great way to go around the city in air-conditioned splendor. Visiting the commercial hub of Morocco and its modern architecture will apparently double the enjoyment of your Journey in Morocco.

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8. Hiking in the Atlas Mountains:

Morocco is a blessed kingdom where the highest mountains series are situated. It’s a golden opportunity for hiker and walker to go and visit this beautiful array of Mountains where they get the chance to explore the ancient barber valleys and their hospitality closely. The High Atlas is divided into three main parts, The High Atlas, The Anti Atlas and the central Atlas, all are consisting the best possible routes to another side of Morocco.

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9. Hot air ballooning:

After the ground experience, there is also an amazing opportunity to fly in the sky and discover the surrounding area’s beauty of Morocco from a uniquely different perspective.

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Under the blue sky someday when the sunshine is blocked by clouds, on the other hand when you are in a huge basket, floating in the direction of air through skies. All this visualization will be real there and you will get the real adventure of life. Ciel d’Afrique hot air ballooning is a well-reputed company in Marrakesh, Morocco.

10. The Beaches:

Finally, when you are tired enough that you couldn’t walk around then the best option is the beaches of Morocco.

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Some of the most attractive beaches for ski boating and laid back rest are: Essaouira, Dakhla, Taghazout, Al Hoceima, Tangier, Legzira and Asilah are the well-known beaches for their soft sand and calm environment. The Kingdom of Morocco offers the visitors a peace of mind with a lot of natural beautiful sightseeing and sandy soft cool beaches.


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  1. I have done a number of these things and must say I love Morocco, just NOT the cities.
    (Although I have not been to Casablanca, I suspect it is much as the others).
    Once away from the hubbub of city life the countryside, valleys & mountains is an amazing place to explore.

  2. I hope I would visit Morocco one day. Definitively that’s the plan for quite some time, and I think the day to visit is now much closer.

    However, this is very helpful and exhaustive post, filled with lots of information that might be useful for tourists and other visitors.